Mobile Podcasting Service

We additionally provide a mobile podcasting service for clients seeking to optimise their setups in various locations. Take a look at this image from a recent podcast recorded at the mansion of TV personality Guy Phoenix! We are capable of setting up in any location; simply provide us with the details, and we will adapt to the surroundings accordingly.

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At WPS, we cater to diverse requirements with our range of packages. Whether you're interested in renting studio space, video production, post-production editing, thumbnail creation, or short-form content, we have you covered. Additionally, we provide social media management packages and discounts for block bookings. Feel free to complete the contact form to receive a personalised quote.

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Our Clients

  • BBC Radio 4
  • ITV
  • Stripped Off Podcast
  • E Growth Media
  • Geezer Coaching
  • Lift Your Life Podcast
  • Joe Ralphs
  • Wolf Supplements Podcast
  • Rate My Takeaway
  • Insight Supplements
  • 20 Thirty Records
  • CBG
  • Sluggy Beats
  • Vizeh
  • E-Comm Master
  • Visionary Academy
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